Business Units

The Business Units listed help you identify various Brands, Subsidiaries or other business divisions that require a unique set of permissions to track in 4Comply. Business Units can be used in conjunction with Permission Types to create different Permission Type settings for different Business Units.

When you add a Business Unit to the definition of a Permission Type, the system will select that Permission Type for a new Compliance Input record, if and only if the Business Unit on the input matches the Business Unit in the Permission Type. If there is no match, the Permission Type with no Business Unit will be selected by Default.

In the Business Units section of 4Comply, you can Add, Edit or Delete Systems

Business Units

The items marked with 1 and 2 are the add and edit buttons respectively, you can add as many Business Units as necessary.

To add a new Business Unit, just click on the “Add New” button on the top right of the section (circled in red in the image above) and that will display the screen to add a new Business Unit