Webhooks are how 4Comply submits requests to your systems. These request inform you that a specific step in the flow executed. In the Rights Process, Webhooks let you know data you need to send back to complete the request.

There are 3 steps to adding a Webhook to the system:

  1. Name: can be any name you want, suggest a name that makes its purpose clear.
  2. Webhook URL: The http or https of your API handling system that will provide information to 4Comply.
  3. Trigger action(s): you can add one or many actions to the webhook that will trigger it in the process.

Adding new webhook

The available Actions you can add to the webhook are:

  • RTPEmailConfirmedWebhook
  • RTPReadyToFulfillWebhook
  • RTAReadyToFulfillWebhook
  • RTBFEmailConfirmedWebhook
  • RTBFReadyToFulfillWebhook
  • RTUEmailConfirmedWebhook
  • RTUReadyToCompileDataWebhook
  • RTUSendReadyToUpdateEmailWebhook
  • RTUReadyToFulfillWebhook
  • RTUSendFulfilledEmailWebhook
  • RTAEmailConfirmedWebhooks
  • BulkRequestGetPermissionDelivery
  • BulkRequestGetConsentDelivery
  • BulkRequestGetLegalActivityDelivery
  • BulkRequestGetLegalActivityErrorDelivery
  • BulkRequestPostConsentDelivery
  • BulkRequestPostLegalActivityDelivery
  • BulkRequestPostLegalActivityErrorDelivery
  • ConsentEntryCreation
  • PermissionEntryExpiration
  • GlobalUnsubscribe
  • PermissionEntryDeletion
  • PermissionEntryUpdate
  • PermissionEntryCreation