Legal Activities Vault

This section is where all the logs of the different requests in the system are stored. For example, for a consent request the Legal Activity would be a summary of the request. But for a Right Request, all the steps taken on the workflow will be logged here. So, everything from the form submission to the fulfillment of the request will be recorded.

The information on this section cannot be modified, just like any other system log. However, some activities can be deleted. So, in the API, there are 4 endpoints referencing this section, the POST /legalactivities, GET /legalactivities, GET /legalactivities/{id}, and DELETE /legalactivities/{id}. The POST endpoint is for adding a new legal activities.

Legal Activity Errors

In case there is an issue with either a right request or a consent request, this is the section that would log those errors. Each error will have a description of why the log was created. For example, in the Right To Access, Right To Portability, or Right To Update requests if a file different that a JSON is uploaded, or if the format is an incorrect one, then a message will display that there was an error reading the JSON file, like “Error reading JObject from JsonReader.”. There could also be an error if the country value sent to the system differs from what is in the Geo section.

Legal Activity Errors Table

Forgotten Vault

Each Permission record created in the system has an expiration date. This date can be as short as 0 days, meaning the expiration date would be as soon as it’s created or updated, or as long as you want, for example with the countries that don’t have any regulation. There are some regulations that allow you to have the information in your system for a certain period of time. This expiration time lets 4Comply know that the data we have on that person in the system needs to be removed. We no longer have permission to communicate with the Digital Citizen.

The forgotten vault’s purpose is to store those records where the permission to communicate or sell data have expired. That way we can know when the record was removed and what activities were removed.

Forgotten Vault Table