4Comply Reporting

4Comply provides reporting tools directly from the UI/Dashboard. Some reports allow exporting to analyze the data using your own tools, and others present summary for review but without an export option.

These reports are here to answer some of these questions:

  • How can I view the requests for a specific Digital Citizen?

    You can easily use the Contact History section to search for a specific Digital Citizen’s email and export the Legal Activities, Rights Requests, and Permissions.

  • How many Rights Request has 4Comply processed?

    To answer this question, you can refer to the Rights Dashboard. It will show you a graph of the processed Rights Requests from the last year. You can filter the dashboard by regulation in case you want to be even more specific with the numbers. You can’t export this report, but you can use the Contact History to export the data of a specific Digital Citizen.

  • How many Consent and Permission requests has 4Comply received?

    The Distribution Dashboard displays consent records with a consent code yes in the system. You can also filter them by Geo, Regulation, or Permission type for a more granular overview. To see the total number of consent records, regardless of the consent code, select Consent Entries in the left nav and export all the records. To view the total permission records, click on Permissions in the left nav.