Bulk Requests

4Comply supports Bulk Requests to add and list many records at a time.

Bulk requests include:

  • Bulk Add Consent
  • Bulk Add Permissions
  • Bulk List Permissions
  • Bulk Add Legal Activities
  • Bulk Add Legal Activity Errors
  • Bulk List Legal Activities
  • Bulk List Legal Activity Errors

All “Add” requests all work the same way. You make an initial authenticated request to the endpoint, for instance POST /bulkrequest/citizens/consent/download.

This endpoint will return a 200 and a presigned Upload URL. You can then upload your JSON file - an array of either consent and permissions objects - to the URL.

The URL in question will be a presigned AWS S3 Url. To upload, you can use any of the supported S3 Upload Content Types. The request to the presigned URL will be a PUT request. For more information about uploading files to S3, see https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/PresignedUrlUploadObject.html.

At this point, 4Comply will automatically process your entries, which can take a few minutes depending on the size of the file uploaded. Once complete, you will be notified either via email, webhook or both, depending on your configuration. The default value for bulkRequestDeliveryMethod is “webhookAndEmail”, but can also be changed to “email” or “webhook” via the API.

For Consent and Permissions bulk request, all entries in the JSON file MUST be formatted properly based on the API spec for Consent and Permission Creation. Additionally, standard_country or standard_state for geo must be included manually with each object in the array.

For “List” type bulk requests, the process is similar. First, you make a request with all your filters (using the Sieve Model) to the required endpoint, for instance POST /bulkrequest/citizens/permission/download?filter=business_unit==Marketing. We will process your request and send you the output file via either email or webhook.