Modify Regulation Configuration

4Comply provides standard flows for rights requests in the UI under the Rights Flows option at the left side bar. The graphical representation of the flow allows users to disable or enable steps, and when a step is disabled 4Comply will skip it during the rights execution.

Advanced users might require customized flows to accommodate other scenarios like manual approvals or email notifications. 4Comply provides API calls to customize the rights flow steps which we cover in this section.

List All Regulations

You can export all regulations by calling the endpoint GET /regulations. The response from that API call will include all regulations configured in the system, this includes the id and name of the Regulations, which will be needed to update the configuration.

View configuration for a given regulation

You can view the existing configuration for a regulation by querying the endpoint GET /regulation/{id}/config. The regulation id can be obtained from the list of all regulations.

This call returns the JSON definition including the processing purposes, derived permission types, it also includes the permission category translation and processing purpose translation fields which are used to display in the UI when the regulation is opened.

View configuration for all rights requests

To obtain the current configuration from rights flows use the endpoint GET /rightsrequestconfig. This includes all the right request configuration, each record including the regulation name and id, request type and the Steps.

Update configuration for a right request

You can modify a regulation config by sending a request to the PUT /rightsrequestconfig/{id} endpoint. The body of the request must contain a JSON representation of the RegulationConfig Model.

You can refer to the API Reference for more information.