Rights QuickStart

4Comply’s Rights Processing capabilities allow for customizable rights workflows, manual touchpoints, and webhook/email confirmation for integration with your systems.


You may configure Rights Requests through the Dashboard or the API and  enable or disable individual steps in the Rights Request Flow. Each Flow includes the following step types:

  1. Automatic Steps
  2. Regular Steps
  3. Indeterminate Steps
  4. Fulfillment Steps
  5. Choice Steps
  6. Webhook Steps

Step Disable

Required Steps

By default, all Webhook steps are optional - that is to say, the flow will not fail automatically if a webhook step fails. All other steps are required, and any failures will result in the termination of the Right Request.

You may also change a required step to become optional via the API by marking any steps that you want as optional with the “required=false” flag in the PUT /rightrequestconfigs/{id} endpoint.

The Basics

To start a Right Request for a specific end-user, use POST /rightrequests. 4Comply Standard Forms are active immediately and work without modification. Or use your existing forms by integrating them via the API based on a customer action from your system. Check our integration guide here.

This process also uses the Regulation Selection Algorithm. It dynamically determines the Geo specified in the request and selects the appropriate regulation to process it.

All flows, start with the same three steps:

  • Form submission: this is the trigger for the whole flow
  • Send a Confirmation email: this is an email sent to the Digital Citizen that requires him/her to click the link in it to confirm their identity
  • Confirmed identity: once the Digital Citizen has clicked the link, the system will proceed with the rest of the flow

The confirmation email is an extra layer of security to ensure the request comes from the correct person. However, you can disable these two steps, and the process will skip these and continue with the flow.

You can refer to the API Reference for more information.