4Comply Emails

4Comply provides a set of ready-to-go emails to facilitate the communication, validation, and information sent to the digital citizens. The emails are located in the 4Comply Dashboard under Settings. If the emails do not meet your requirements, simply customize them using the WYSIWYG editor.

The available emails are:

  • RTA-Confirm Identity Email
  • RTA-Link to View Data Email
  • RTA-Cannot Locate Record Email
  • RTU-Confirm Identity Email
  • RTU-Link to Update Data Email
  • RTU-Success Update Data Email
  • RTU-Cannot Locate Record Email
  • RTP-Confirm Identity Email
  • RTP-Provide Link to Data Email
  • RTP-Cannot Locate Record Email
  • RTBF-Confirm Identity Email
  • RTBF-Cannot Locate Record Email
  • RTBF-Successful Removal of Data

We do not recommend the modification of the Confirm Identity Emails, specifically the link for identity confirmation.