4Comply Systems

4Comply, due to its ability to be linked to multiple systems, has the option to identify the different systems in its environment. This is useful to identify the origin of a request or consent submission.

4Comply comes with a set of default Systems, but you can add the systems in the UI, under Configuration and selecting the Systems option.

Also, some of the current, and future, regulations, request you to identify which system the information came from. So, 4Comply makes it easier for you to comply with this requirement.

4Comply will come with one default system out-of-the-box. This system is the “fallback” in case you submit a consent record with the wrong system information, mainly name. If you have in the systems section “SFDC” as one of the options, but your submission incorrectly misspells the acronym with “SFCD”, then 4Comply will use the default system since it doesn’t know what “SFCD” means.